Welcome, Doxie lovers, fellow doggies and even friendly felines (I’m not entirely convinced you exist, but we are an open-minded pack). We are the Cantrell Clan of Doxies.  We are four-legged doorbells.  We are face-lickers.  We are Squeaker Detectives.  But most of all, we are spoiled beyond measure!


We are a combined 60 pounds of pure(bred) love. Neither our bark nor our bite is bad and, if you feed us lots of treats, we'll consider adding you to our inner circle of humans.


Sure, we are cute and adorable, but you should see our off-spring!

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A Long Short Story 

I watch over five humans (three little ones and two big ones). The big ones think they’re in charge, but it’s the little ones that get our tails in a wagging frenzy.

About Us

Cantrell Pups

Sometimes being man’s best friend is a ruff gig. Training and caring for our humans is an arduous but rewarding process.

of Unconditional Love